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Organisations are operating in the digital economy. Understanding how to combine digital transformation and  monetizing the digital business models is central to the modern day executives and business professionals  agenda. Implementation of a digital business strategy (DBS) involves value co-creation, proving digital solutions for socio-economic value by learning how to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to a business of any size in the digital economy. Who should apply? Start up smarts, mid to senior level executives of all years of experience. How will you advance? Test and learn , understand and succeed with real life cases, discover the guiding DBS Model incorporating aspects of digital economy from various regions including Africa. These programs and courses are certified by the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals (ICITP) a recognized professional body by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service and may be applicable to individuals who are members of or are associated with professional bodies. The courses have an estimated 100 hours of learning.

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Digital Business Strategy: Leveraging Emerging Technologies  (IOT, AI and AR)
December 04, 2018

Digital Business Strategy: Leveraging Emerging Technologies (IOT, AI and AR)

The course introduces strategy professionals and students to the field of Digital Business Strategy. The participants will learn about Digital business strategy in the emerging era of the 4th industrial revolution leveraging emerging technologies. Need to prepare for the next-generation of emerging technologies, such as adaptive biometrics, materials science, nanotechnology, and quantum computing.

PM Part 2 — Project Planning and Data Management
October 17, 2018

PM Part 2 — Project Planning and Data Management

Part 2 of a 4 part course on Project Management and Organizational Learning.

Part 2 addresses systems engineering concepts, systems acquisition, project planning, knowledge management, and data management

Legal Issues in Digital Course
May 23, 2018

Legal Issues in Digital Course

Intellectual Property Issues & Cyber space – African Perspective
Cyber crime and Digital Evidence – African Perspective

Introductory Level Accounting Course
May 06, 2018

Introductory Level Accounting Course

Provide students with working knowledge of financial statements
You will be able to prepare and analyse your accounts, as well as budget your income and expenditure. You will be able to prepare a profit and loss statement. You will gain knowledge of how to use financial statements. As an IT or digital professional it beneficial to have knowledge of accounting functions for decision makers.

Strategic Alignment Course
April 07, 2018

Strategic Alignment Course

This course covers Organizational Alignment and Strategic Innovation Planning. It is based on the trend in industry that requires successful organizations to continuously identify and respond to many ongoing market opportunities simultaneously.
Part A introduces organizational culture and describes how to bridge social distances experienced by your global team participants. It also describes how new innovation strategies can threaten outdated organziational structures, and ends with describing how to align your firm’s culture to its strategic goals.

Part B addresses the need to define an innovation strategy, and how to align it with your firm’s strategic goals and business strategies. A review of innovation and disruption in the market place ends with a case study Uber.

Part C addresses the need to align a firms enterprise architecture to their future business strategies in order to avoid being locked into past infrastructure investments. Countering architectural disruption requires a flexible organization that can compete in a number of directions. The advantages of platforms over product lines is examined and then case studies on Apple and Amazon are examined.

Part D addresses how to make information meaningful and how to align organizational knowledge with the firm’s business strategies, innovation strategies, and enterprise architecture. Since constant learning will be required to compete in future market places, organizations must be able to learn constantly, and create effective learning environments. This part ends with a case study on Alibaba.

Innovation and Strategic Opportunity Course
November 07, 2017

Innovation and Strategic Opportunity Course

The course is for managers and entrepreneurs of all levels and introduces then to the concepts of innovation, strategic opportunity, disruption, sustainabilitty and data analytics. The course is divided into four parts:

Part A explains basic innovation concepts, notes who is innovating at a high level in the market place, and reviews innovation cycles and emerging technologies.

Part B investigates how and why current market analysis techniques are evolving, assesses disruption, and describes how to spot and respond to innovation opportunities through modeling disruption.

Part C takes the concepts of innovation, innovation cycles, surviving disruption, and how to identify blue ocean strategies and offers strategies for achieving corporate sustainability.

Part D integrates how to leverage data analytics to support the collection of innovation metrics and market analysis data to support informed decision making so we can leverage innovation, spot opportunities within disruption, and achive sustainability.

Building Teams for Modern Day Strategy Formulation in Africa Course
October 27, 2017

Building Teams for Modern Day Strategy Formulation in Africa Course

With today’s growing interest in digital business. The course anwers the popular question on what sort of a team can achieve the modern business strategic objectives in the African context? Key issues to learn:

Modern team members and roles

How to enhance your enterprise digital performance

Boosting the effectiveness of a top team in the digital era

Digital Business Strategy Course: Beat the competition with the best strategy
December 17, 2015

Digital Business Strategy Course: Beat the competition with the best strategy

The course introduces strategy professionals and students to the field of Digital Business Strategy. The participants will learn the foundations of modern business value creation in the digital economy and transient competitive advantages for competing. Including the details of center to edge digital transformation, intelligent edge and digital ecosystems. Strategic digital assets such as Cloud computing, Social Media, Mobility, Analytics, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and their application in Africa.