About Us

The Institute for Digital Business Strategy  (IDBS) is a future driven organisation which facilitates strategically channeled digital approaches to business challenges.  It is our belief that digital technology can be used to improve the way  business operates and interacts with its economy.

Our Mission:

To meet the needs for society to overcome challenges of digital disruption by realigning Information Technology and Business strategies in to Digital Business Strategies (DBS) by: Filling the needs gap of African organisations for professionals with competitive skills in digital business strategy formulation by providing actionable steps for success. The development of new digital competencies and leadership styles, innovative team structures and approaches. Digital experiences that augment the new workforce with digital entrepreneurship.
Providing digital technology literacy for the non-technical and technical building,expert guidance on use cases for Strategic Digital Assets (social media, mobility, analytics, cloud computing, block chain and artificial intelligence)

The IDBS provides  improvements for society’s digital disruption challenges. Providing solutions from research and  analysis that focuses on how to realign a firm’s IT and digital capabilities to become compliant with the strategic needs of  entire organizations in the digital era.

Applies the digital business strategies effectively by means of its Digital Business Strategy (DBS) framework which provides a way to enhance traditional business models, digital engagements, and value creation.We help individuals and organisations understand the revolutionary benefits of digital technology, and gain the skills to implement digital business strategy in their workplaces.

Contributing to the practice of  information technology and business strategy formulation for society. With digitalisation implemented on a corporate strategy level, the IDBS framework encompasses all functions of the business and is led by C-level executives.

We offer an integrated portfolio of services –  Executive education, innovation lab courses, consulting, research and execution, to deliver the innovations that matter to you and your customers.

The Digital Business Strategy (DBS) Model Implementation:

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IT Vendor Courses


Executive Education Courses


Virtual Interactive Labs

One of the top priorities of IDBS is to create a positive atmosphere for both students & members.
Member Services is the starting point for any questions students may have regarding courses of study.
IDBS is a online school that attracts the most future oriented professionals  via a membership process.Allowing working business professionals the ability to study at any time and up skill digitally.
We work with a select number of organizations on a retainer-based advisory
IDBS enrolls between 60-70 international students every year from many countries in the world.
Our recent publication, The Definitive Guide to Digital Business Strategy Publications Digital Transformation is…